3 Steps To Reflect On Your Blessings

In high school and parts of college I did a lot of ridiculous things! Some of those ridiculous things were saying yes to guys I didn’t like, or being at a party I knew I had no business going to, and saying yes to going to some random guy’s house (nothing happened) over night.Most of my desires to be accepted came from my middle school years where I didn’t have friends because 1) I was bold and 2) I talked weird and no one wanted to be friends with a weird kid.

By the time high school came around, I wanted to be enough to be someone’s friend. Therefore, anyone who showed any interest in me was automatically welcomed by me. It so happened that much of the attention I was getting was from dudes.

For the longest time I felt lonely, unwanted, always picked last, not the favorite, and not welcomed. I soon realized that entertaining those thoughts and viewing myself from those lenses kept me exactly where Satan wanted me to be. I was not walking in the identity and purpose that the Lord has for me.

One of my favorite books in the Bible is Ephesians (will reference this book a whole lot in the future). Ephesians starts out by letting you know who you are in Christ. In the whole chapter of Ephesians one there are a hand-full of words that jump out at me such as “CHOSEN, FREELY, LAVISHED, PURPOSED, PLAN, INCLUDED, MARKED, SEAL, INCOMPARABLE, and APPOINTED.”

I love how this chapter is the Lord telling you how He “has blessed you in heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” He is telling you of the power and authority you have over your negative thoughts, feelings, and how you do not have to submit yourself under that darkness.
One of my favorite words from the list is incomparable. When we enter the presence of the father, he never points out “Oh Suzie, look at Johnny’s work it is so much better than yours.” Instead, He speaks TRUTH, LOVE and FREEDOM over us. He rescues, restores, and redeems us from our past mistakes. HE slowly starts to change our hearts and minds from the inside out and slowly or quickly we start to look like his son.

Today I can truly say I am blessed, chosen, free, adopted, accepted, purposed, lavished, sealed in Christ, and forever filled by him. There is nothing in this world that can ever fully fill you. The only love that is consistent and unconditional is the Father’s love and it is permanent. His love does not change according to how you behave or perform, it is not based on anything you can do or earn because HE has freely given that Love without restraint.

Things to think about:
1) Are you feeling any negative feelings or thoughts? What are you doing about it? Are they actually true?
2) Do you know that you are blessed in this world and the world to come? Are you living by these truths or are you chasing after things of this world that will never fulfill you?
3) You have been, still are, and always will be CHOSEN by God no matter what season you are in.

Oh how beautiful it is to know that you can enter into the Father’s presence knowing that he will not judge you but will speak LOVE, PEACE and JOY over you.
With Joy and grace,

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