Champs Camp

Hey friend,

welcome to mission week, my name is Winnie and I am all things fine and fabulous. If you don’t already know I was born and raised in Kenya. Me and my sweet family moved to the USA in 2005 and things have been different since then. I am married to a sweet guy name Nathan and I seriously love living and breathing. I love Jesus, his people and chicken. If you are reading this, then you are in the mission section of my blog, so welcome, stay and look around.

About home
Growing up I have always known the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As far as I can remember I have always prayed and liked Jesus. I remember when I was young in Kenya a crusade will come through our village and stay for a week or so. The crusade consistent of people who told stories about Jesus, and always challenged us to dig deep. They introduced fun and new ways to connect with the Lord through dancing, art, and praise and worship. So in my eyes, I dreamed to do what they were doing. Travel the World and share about this wonderful God who gave up everything for us. Throughout the years i have done just that. Every year, i do my best to go to a mission trip. It has been some of the best experiences of my life, and i am about to finally share them with you starting with the first ever missions i have ever been too. Fast forward, when we moved to the USA I learned that the people that came to my village were called missionaries and that I can be a mission too. Man I was excited to hear that. I was excited to learn that the Lord had called me to share him and all that he has done and continues to do today. When I got to college I joined campus ministries. The campus ministries challenged us about what we spend our time doing during spring break. For three spring breaks I decided to go Kids camp also know as Champs camp that was located in Harlingen, TX . It was wild, it was fun, and it made me love kids even more.
What I learned
This was my first missions in college. I enjoyed learning different ways to share Christ in a fun, creative ways with kids. I was super excited that I was doing what I had always dreamed about doing. I learned a lot about relaying on Jesus for strength, wisdom, and knowledge. I learned to lean on the Lord to pour into me and fill me up. My kids were rough, but they were my rough kids. I loved working with the kids so much that i returned for three spring breaks 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Think about Going to a mission trip. That could be in your city, state or other country. But do it and share your live with someone. It is the best thing! when it comes to missions, there is the goers and the senders and we can be both.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, there is more to come.

with love and joy,


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