Washington State

Some people may not think a mission trip to Washington State is all that important, because it’s not Africa or Asia or some country where people have never heard about Jesus. But that is not true.

Central Washington University is where I spent most of my time sharing the gospel in the summer of 2014. Sometimes it was hard, and sometimes I did not go because fear got the best of me. But I realize it doesn’t get easy, and you don’t get good at it. You just need to trust Christ to get you through it all.

In Washington, I found most people—at least in the college student population—don’t have any relationship with Christ. They might have heard of him or heard someone talk about him. But they don’t have a personal relationship with him at all. And some have never heard of Christ. As someone from Kenya, I was shocked. Here we are in a country that has all this technology, where in under a minute you can download a Bible, a devotional, a 30-day walk through the Bible or something like that.

Our team from Texas was put together with Resonate Church, which started in Pullman, Wash., and expanded to Ellensburg, Wash. We spent time with them, and they became our family as we became theirs. They showed us how a real loving community is supposed to be.

Everyone wants to be accepted, wants to be loved, wants to be needed and wants to be in a loving community. That is exactly what Resonate Church was offering. They did not care much about your past or what you have been through. They just wanted to know you, share the gospel with you and walk alongside of you until one day you find Christ for yourself. Too many Christians today have forgotten this is how Christ walked with his followers for three years. This is how it is supposed to be done.

I learned so much from this trip. If I had the chance to go back and stay there, in a heartbeat I would do it. But I knew the Lord has called me back to my campus to build that same kind of community I found up there. Everyone needs to know about this sweet, sweet love. And slowly, I  learned to live out what I learned. I pray that as followers of Christ, we come to crave a community that reflects Christ and is living for Christ.

Check out the following pictures from my time there and some of the things the team did.

​Nathan Warner (my hubby) from the Texas team stapling granola bars to a card that we passed to our upcoming preview Sunday. we stapled 2000 cards with granola bar. And through and through the Lord was faithful and brought students to his preview.


​One of our Wednesday cook out. Getting to know the students and showing them who Christ is and how he is not about rules and regulation, but instead about loving you and wanting a personal relationship with you. ​


​The place where we spend most of our time meeting students and sharing the gospel with them. ​


​As my friend would say ” we got flowers in our hair and faith in our hearts.” this is when i climbed one of the hills in Washington. The Lord is such a beautiful artist.​


Darien, the girl on the left from the start  did not want to come to any gathering and didnt want  anything to do with Christ. But in the end she said that when she goes back home for the summer, she hopes to go to church with her mom and sister. Look at God changing hearts left to right. Then Jessica the woman on the right who absolutely loved me and pour into my life. ​


​the last week, when all the college students have gone home and it was just us waiting to come back to Texas. Christ decided to use us again. he send us out the entire week to pass out food at a park to kids who do not always have food at home and any kids who are playing at the packing.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post, there is more to come.

with love and joy,


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