Every time i have decided to go to a mission trip, i am always excited to see what the Lord has for me. When it was time to go to Jamaica, i had just came out of a difficult season and i was entering into a season that was full of adventure. The weeks before we had to head to Jamaica, i was preparing my heart to experience all that the Lord for me. I remember asking the Lord what he was trying to teach me, and he respond with ” I just want to spend time with you. I want to go to an adventure with you.” And that is exactly, what i experience in Jamaica. I met some of the most happy, satisfied, and sweetest people there. I enjoyed hikes, stories with the locals, and the food. I learned that in Life you did not need a whole lot to have a satisfying life. But instead enjoy what the Lord has given you and you will be alright.

As much as this was a mission trip, it felt more like i was visiting family and seeing how they were doing. what an honor it was to visit this Island. The following are a few pictures from my trip there.


Our first day walking through the village and seeing the land. What a beautiful walk it was.


The house we  built for this mama and her two boys. She was so excited and i was overjoyed that i was apart of it. Also look at the view she gets!


Me and the woman on the far right braided this beauty’s hair. This day we got the chance to go to a nursing home and share some love to people who are neglected. She was a job to talk too.


A became really good friends with a group from GoNow missions.


(Picture of my team) The town we served at was called the Harmons and the people in the community serves on $1000 a year. When we went, we took some clothes and shoes to provided to this community.

I can honestly say this was one of the hardest mission trip physically and i am glad i was able to go.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, there is more to come.

with love and joy,


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