San Francisco & Mexico

San Francisco

This mission trip was one of my favorite. My church partnered with a ministry called City Impact. Within City Impact there were many different ministries and i learn a great deal from it. In this trip i was really challenged to pray, to praise and to speak life. I always say this was the place i discovered that i love teaching in front of people about the life hope and freedom we have in Jesus. That i why one of my biggest dream is to become a woman speak.


One night when out team was worshiping, i got a word from the Lord through Jeremiah 1. Me and my outspoken self, decided to share and that is when Joe our missions pastor told me that week at some point i was going to teach at the mission center. Where homeless individuals come for breakfast and lunch, but before they get food we get to worship and hear a sermon. I ended up teaching about finding life in Christi. That we can obtain all the riches on this earth, but if we don’t know the Father, then it means nothing. What a sweet sermon it was, and what a time to see the Lord speak while i was a nervous wreck.


One other favorite thing we did was street ministry. Where before dinner, we would take sandwiches, and chips and pass it to homeless individuals who were laying on the street. This was a time where would hear their story, ask for pray and share with them about City Impact a ministry was devoted in loving people to life.

I met this sweet fella in one of the nights we did street ministry. He told his story about how he lost everything. He shared how he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Its funny, because at the time i was in college and i was in my last semester of internship at a clinic that worked with people with HIV/AIDS. We were able to have conversations about the meds he was taking and how it made him feel. I understood and i encouraged him in it. I cried at end because i did not want to leave him. But at the most i realized that he was fine in the Lord arm before i met him and he will be fine after i left. Every time i look at this picture i remember sitting with him on that street in San Francisco, and i wonder what he is up to now.


The things i had learned in San Francisco, i was able to implement them in Mexico. In Mexico we did VBS and door to door evangelism. Guess which one was my favorite? you got it. Door to door sharing the gospel was absolutely my favorite.


We were in mexico for a good 4 days. For three days street, i was partners with these sweet people up there. I learned a lot from the couple on the left, they model door to door gospel sharing and then ask me and my friend Jared ( far right) to do the same. Some many of the people we talked to accepted Christ into their hearts, and a few said no. The guy in the middle was our translated and he was so good at it, it was beautiful. The people in mexico were so sweet and so welcoming.

These are some college students that i went with. They were so sweet. Some of them have been walking with the Lord for a while and others had just started. It was amazingly sweet to see them step into what Christ called us to do. To tell the whole earth about his love and all he has done for us.


This sweet girl called me beautiful every time she saw me. She totally made my day.


Other team mates.

I hope you enjoyed reading these two missions. My hope is that you are inspired to go and share the abundant life you have found in Jesus.

with love and joy,


One thought on “San Francisco & Mexico

  1. Thank you for sharing these stories about your missions Winnie! Something I’m learning is that serving others not only can help them see God’s love, but as we share Christ’s love, it’s a reminder to ourselves of his love That we Sometimes take for granted! I have not done street evangelism yet… your story makes me want to. Thanks for sharing!


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