The Return of the Queen

You are a breathtakingly beautiful concoction of my sin. You spoke quite beautifully as the walls caved in. Your word entices sultry promises. Your words are full of lies, yet they pull me in deeper with their captivating lights. The lights of your words cascade around my mind and penetrate my heart. I must stop this, I must fight for the truth is freeing. The truth is the I AM, redeeming. I must stop this before my light turns to darkness, my flame extinguished, my crown diminished…Breathtakingly beautiful concoction of my sin, you are no longer welcome here again. I’m going home!

Let’s face it, you made a wrong turn…INTENTIONALLY, well somewhat anyway! (We’ve all been there) You’ve navigated away from the Queen you are in Christ and once you’ve made that decision, your actions begin to reflect it. Why? Because it first starts from within. You think it before you become it. Then, slowly with time your light begins to dim, your crown begins to fall, and you start drifting further and further from your love, Jesus, into the abyss of the shadows. Although actions don’t begin as intentional, they become them. You begin to mirror your environment. Whether your atmosphere is light or dark, you will imitate what you surround.

Although actions don’t begin as intentional, they become them. You begin to mirror your environment.

I remember a time in my life when I strayed from the light into the abyss. My language betrayed who I claimed to be. My language became less light and more of a shadow, have you ever experienced this? I journeyed from speaking life to death. I joined the gossip. I joined the mockery. My mouth mirrored somewhat of a sailor as did my environment. Somewhere from within myself, I celebrated as I was finally not the center of gossip or the butt of someone’s joke. See, I was always the odd one out, or so it seemed. I was the Christian girl who didn’t do anything, they called me ‘holy’. I was the subject of mockery because of my Christian faith and being ‘holy’ meant having no friends or no one to talk with. This appeared to transform when my speech changed to mirror my surroundings. I changed myself to imitate my environment versus bringing the change to surroundings. Yet I was a joke, not living Christ like, not illuminating my surroundings. I became a shadow instead of a light. My crown had fallen.

During this time, I rejected all things God. You wouldn’t have known that I claimed Christ to be my King. I journeyed away from light with my thoughts and actions. Then things began to happen, the ground began to shake beneath my feet. My days grew more dismal and unpleasant more than when I would be the subject of mockery because of my Christian faith. Do you know what I did? You guessed it, I called on Jesus. He’s always there even when you drift! I petitioned for His help and He answered me. He began to replay the bad seeds that I planted with my words while I was imitating those who weren’t following Christ. At that moment, I made the choice to return to the light. I apologized to my King and I changed my speech. My King welcomed me with open arms and reinstated my crown.

I journeyed away from light with my thoughts and actions. Then things began to happen, the ground began to shake beneath my feet.

When I didn’t join in on the gossip or mockery, I began to become subject of it again. But I was okay with that, just as I am today. My queen status was returning. I felt the Son’s rays beam my face in delight. I’d rather walk in light and please my King, than please any human in this life that’s fleeting. When you make a wrong turn, learn from it. Repent. Don’t stay in the shadows, return to the Sonlight as in Him, reigns eternal life.

This is my prodigal daughter moment and i hope it inspires you and changes you.

By Jaleesa Cox

img_4596Hi, Jaleea here. I’m from the SOUTH, peach cobbler and sweet tea are my weakness! I love Jesus! My passion is helping women uncover and pursue their God-given potential. I desire to help you find your purpose and DO something about it. I’ll cheer for you along the way!

Instargram: @jaleesadreamsloud

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2 thoughts on “The Return of the Queen

  1. Aimee

    Beautifully written piece! God is always faithful to remind me of the scripture in Galatians where he asks do you live to please God or man. It’s a hard thing to learn that we can’t do both but it’s also a freeing thing to learn!


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