4 Tips To Feel Closer To God When Feeling Far Away

Have you currently or in the last few months been feeling dry and empty in your relationship with the Lord? You are not alone! like me you have probably fallen away from your relationship with the Lord once or twice. The reasons would be, you got busy with work, friendships, romantic relationships or simply got comfortable and now you are trying to get back on that exciting relationship you and the Lord used to have. Well, the following are tips that I hope will guide and direct you closer to the Lord.


I want you to start out by being honest with yourself and then with the LORD. Tell him all the things that have been going with your life. Let him in on how stressed, overwhelmed, and tired you are with how fast time, days and weeks are going by.

I know some people have a hard time saying things out loud. So, grab a journal and write down all your thoughts and feelings. Lay it all down. Don’t leave any stones in your mind unturned.

Being honest from the begin sets a stage for your heart to be willing to listen to all that the Lord has for you. Not only does your heart becomes willing to listen, but it also becomes released from the stress of keeping everything in.


Everyone has a safe place that they go to when they feel confused, sad, depressed or just straight up moody. So go there!

My safe place is being in the middle of the woods somewhere. I go there when I am done with life. When I am there I scream and I tell the Lord “ I don’t want to do this anymore” and he simply says “ then Let me in. Let me help you. LET ME!!!”

I challenge you to go to your safe place. Grab a snack, water, and journal and go! In your safe place, you can cry, scream, dance, or simply sit still. The purpose of your safe place is to let your guard down and let the Lord wash over you with his love, truth, peace, and freedom.


Are you sad? Lonely? Tired? Or straight up done? Then Grab your blanket, journal, and go talk to the LORD. It is even better if you bring a friend. If you have a friend who loves you and would not judge you, bring them along.
There is power in the community. Scriptures say, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

I have grown more in my relationship with people who pour into me and spoke truth over the lies I believe in my life more than I did by myself. Know that there is crazy power in having someone to walk alongside you who wants to see you grow in your relationship with the Lord and look more like Christ daily.


When I feel like I haven’t read my bible or prayed in a while I feel guilt and shame. But I have learned that guilt and shame are not characteristics of the Lord. If they are not from the Lord then they are from the Enemy. Speak truth over those lies by find scripture that shouts those lies down.

I have learned to forgive myself, apologizes and strive to do better in my relationship with the Lord throughout the years. Just like a friendship needs consistency, our relationship with the Lord needs that to grow and become strong.

Take time to praise, worship, bow down and stay still with the Lord.

Here is an encouragement; know that the Lord is with you no matter what season you are in. If you are feeling that you are so disconnected from the Lord. in the midst of doing the above tips, also focus on the last thing the Lord asked you to do. Be obedient to what the Lord is calling you to do. The is power, rest, peace and freedom when we listen and follow the Lords plan for our life.

Walk well, I belive in you.

With grace,


20 thoughts on “4 Tips To Feel Closer To God When Feeling Far Away

  1. Thank you for sharing! This is soul good!! Sometimes we forget we have to invite God in because he is a gentlemen. I personally, love nature and talking to God here on occasion.

    It always reminds me when I hear the birds chirping that if they’re provided for then I have nothing to worry about. To just release and rest in Him,alone.


  2. These are great tips. I know that sometimes we need to push through that threshold, because when we’re used to feeling distant from God and we’ve been in the dark, it takes a while to acclimatise to the light again and we naturally want to shy away from it.


  3. Winnie, I appreciated your suggestions, especially your points about honest talk and the fellowship of others. I think we can shy away from being honest with God and as a result censor our prayer. Yet, this is so silly because He knows all and sees all anyway! So He wants us to be honest- and share our heartfelt laments, confession, confusion. And like any relationship, when we take off our masks and become honest, transparent, and genuine the relationship naturally deepens. And I totally agree with you about also talking openly and sharing with others. Being open allows us to own up to our poor choices, and get feedback and/or reassurance. It also allows us to celebrate with each other when things are going well. We are called to community, in the way God, Jesus, and the Spirit live in community, mutually sustaining and loving one another.Thanks for the post.


  4. susanhomeschooling

    A lot of people are afraid to be real, even with God. The only way to heal and become free and joyful is to deal with the pain from the past.


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