5 Easy Ways To Spend Time With Jesus

Have you been struggling to spend time with Jesus? Are you looking for simple ways to encourage you to spend time with Him? Sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget to spend time with the Father. Even though we have a lot in our To-Do list, we should always do our best to find time to praise and worship the one whom our soul loves.

Short Story
This week after work I decided to clean the kitchen and get ready to meal prep for the week. My kitchen has a window that faces the street where I can see people driving by.

While I was cleaning the dishes I kept looking through the window waiting to see my husband turn in. He was staying late at school and I hadn’t seen him all day so I was excited to see him.

While I had all these feelings of wanting to see my husband and spend time with him it dawned on me that the Father desires us the same way.

He waits for us to go to Him, He finds creative ways to remind us of his unconditional pursuit, and He fights every day to show us that He is the only one who can fulfill us.

So the following are simple easy steps you can take to spend time with Jesus:

1) Take time before or after work to plan.

As people, we do not do anything without thinking about it deep and hard. Set time to plan out. Think about what you want to receive from your time with the Lord and what is your goal.

For me something I have been trying is getting up 15 minutes before my alarm clock, that way I can have that 10 minutes with the Lord before I get in my car and head to work.

Your time might be 15 minutes after work which is always an amazing time to settle down after work.

I do encourage before work because it is much better to find that peace, love, and heavenly insight before you start your day. I find it easier to walk, see, and live how Jesus did when I spend time with our timeless creator in the morning.

Strive to find a routine that works for you. Thrive on!

2) Verse/Chapter of the week

When I think about the bible I get overwhelmed because there is so much.

Something I have done is find a verse/chapter in the old or new testament and focus on that. I would reread the same verse/chapter for the whole week, look up background history of the passage, talk about it with a friend, and really sit on it.

This method has helped me learn so much about one verse or one story. Not only did I learn so much, but I also had an opportunity every day to apply it in my life.

I challenge you to find a verse/chapter you like and dig in and digest it. Share your thoughts at the end of the week.

Chapter suggestion: 1 Samuel 16

3) Song of the Week

There are so many songs now that basically wreck your whole being when you listen to it.

For my worshiper friends, find one song that you would focus on for the week. Ask The Lord’s thoughts about the song, talk to him about how the song makes you feel and just share that with him.

I love this step because you can play the song when you’re driving to and from work, when you’re cooking, cleaning, or simply laying down from a long crazy day.

I challenge you to find a song you this week that connects with your soul and dig in, don’t just pick any song because it is popular, choose one that is more personal with you and the Lord. You can do it.

Song suggestions: Living hope by Phil Wickham, Psalms by Shane and Shane, Defender by Rita Springer

4) Take a Walk

There is something symbolic about walking in nature with the Lord. When I think about it, it reminds me of Jesus and His disciples walking long miles to share the Gospel.

Think of all the great times they had together walking, laughing, and getting a great exercise. HAHA

Plan two or three times a week where you just walk. Whether that’s local trails or around the block. Make the walk purposeful and intentional.

Ask the Lord to show more of him by possibly asking Him what you are missing and for Him to open your eyes to see it.

I challenge you to find 15-20 minutes a day and walk with the Lord. Talk, laugh, and cry with him. He is waiting for you.

Suggestions for places to walk: trails, parks, around town or around the block.

5)Pray for and Love Those that Frustrate You

There will always be people around you that will either frustrate you, despise you, are jealous of you, or that you simply don’t like.

We don’t realize that we can fix these feelings through the Lord’s perspective of love, peace, joy, and beauty that only He can provide when we choose to ignore the negative feelings that do not represent God.

When you allow thoughts and feelings that do not bring life into your mind and heart, you give the enemy a foothold into your life which distracts you from persuing the Lord.

This step can be most challenging to engage with the Father during times that are difficult.

But, I challenge you to make a choice to learn how to listen to the Father’s voice when there is someone that challenges your character whether you are in the wrong or they are. These moments give us a great opportunity to invite Him to ask for His heart and love for those that we don’t feel like deserve it.

Always try your best to take time to praise, sit, bow down and thank the Lord for life.

Here is an encouragement; The Lord is with you no matter what season you are in. Striving to find ways to spend time with Jesus is absolutely adventurous and beautiful. Know that there is power, rest, love and freedom when we listen and follow the Lord’s plan for our life. Don’t give up asking the Lord to guide you! Thrive on Friend.

Walk well, I believe in you.

With grace,


20 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways To Spend Time With Jesus

  1. Sophie Elise

    Great suggestions. Easy for anyone to implement, even if they don’t have a lot of time. Another fantastic song for connecting with God is “Abide” by Housefires. So good!


  2. “He waits for us to go to Him, He finds creative ways to remind us of his unconditional pursuit, and He fights every day to show us that He is the only one who can fulfill us.” Love this!


  3. I love the picture you painted about how Jesus longs to spend time with us using the example of waiting on your husband. I am so thankful he passionately pursues us. thank you for these wonderful reminders.


  4. Thank you .Simple but powerful. I also check the Youversion app each morning for their verse of the day and pray over it. Love the worship song a week idea.And number 5 of course, hard but necessary.


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