2 quick Lessons to Take into 2020

Are you excited for the Christmas season? For me I am going into the Christmas season of 2018, fully aware that the end of this year is near. Usually, when time is going by, at least for me, I get scared. I get anxious and feel a sense of regret as if I haven’t really fully taken on the full potential of what should have happened in the allotment of time I was given.

I often feel sad when special occasions come about because I never really felt as if they lived up to the expectations I had hidden away in my unconscious. Birthdays, Christmas, and New years, really just reminded me of the less time I had in my account. Less time I had to spend on my family and this nagging fear that I really didn’t do enough to savor the moment with the people I love the most. Sorry, to be depressing, but I’m writing this with the assumption that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Today, I don’t feel that way at all. The end is near, and I don’t feel anxious. I feel excited. My experience these past couple months is a noticeable enough difference to catch my attention and has provoked me to reverse engineer myself to discover what I’ve learned this year, that might have caused this shift of mindset.  Here are a couple lessons I’ve learned that I really believe have made a huge difference in me.

Forgiveness sets you free

I’m so sorry for the basic cliché guys, but forgiveness is so real.  Honestly though, what does forgiveness even mean, and how do you really forgive? This year, I’ve learned that holding a grudge really does imprison you.

Recently I got betrayed by some friends of mine. I’m a pretty go-with-the-flow kind of guy and am extremely mellow, so, I really am not the kind of guy to hold a grudge and even get angry at one of my friends.

But wow, I really got angry at these people. I forgave them with my words, and did everything I could to let go of them with my heart, but I would go to bed filled with thoughts of resentment and bitterness. The anger I had was seeping into many other areas of my life, and I was easily agitated.

I knew it wasn’t right, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I would lay awake at night saying, “God, you seriously have to do something in me, because I have honestly done everything I can.”

Eventually there was this moment one weekend where my heart completely shifted inside of that dark environment. I wanted to make up! God had clearly done something in my heart. I made up with the people and honestly felt slighted disappointed because they didn’t have to pay for what they did.

How many of us know that God’s justice system is completely different than ours? He is better than us. After I made up with these people, I knew I got screwed over, or at least in my eyes, but my heart felt free. I really began to slowly change back into my normal self.

The lesson was that forgiveness, doesn’t look like words, or actions, but the idea of giving up your idea of what justice should look like in the situation where you felt betrayed.

Letting go, truly forgiving someone is really the idea of letting someone get away with it. Free and clear. A person does not truly understand true forgiveness until they have had real grudge. And when you get that grudge, you will then understand how hard it is to let someone stab you in the back and not have them pay for it.

If you’re dealing with someone you need to forgive, let the idea of what you think justice should look like in that situation go.

This might mean you have to take action and make up with them. His ways are higher than our ways. This is one aspect of my life that I’m so thankful for, for a lifetime to come.

There is freedom in taking Extreme Ownership

The most empowering action you can take, is to take on more responsibility when it comes to your walk with the Lord, relationships and family. Throughout my life, I’ve fallen prey to what many people do, and that is, a victim mindset. I have believe that the odds are stacked against me. I have often blamed other things instead of taking the blame for things.

This year, I have learned that I have complete control over the way my life is going, because i know my identity and purpose in Christ.

Have you ever seen the movie Holes? If you haven’t, watch it, its super good. There’s this scene where this farmer is talking to a teacher, and the teacher needs to come up with excuses to keep seeing the farmer because she likes him, so she tells him things that are broken on the schoolhouse.

Now imagine yourself as the schoolteacher and the farmer as the Lord. Every time you have something that is broke, imagine the father saying  “I can fix that.” That’s my life. That’s your life. Anything going wrong in your life, you can trust the Lord and allow him to speak the truth of  “I can fix that” into your heart.

Be empowered and know that the Lord has given you authority and power over your feelings and emotions. Recognize and see that nothing is eternally broken in your world. There’s always something the Lord  can do to change it.

You might be afraid to take responsibility of the authority the Lord has given you, because you don’t believe in yourself enough to really have faith that through Christ he can fix it. I want to tell you that If Christ can fix my life, he can do it for you as well. Every problem area in your life, is an opportunity to allow the Lord to come in and mold you to Look  more like Jesus.

Always try your best to take time to praise, sit, bow down and thank the Lord for life.

Encouragement: These are two simple life lessons I’ve learned this year. Going into Christmas this year. I’m not anxious or scared of disappointment. I have an optimistic out-look on life, and am excited to wake up and make the most of my day. I’m excited for next year because I’m confident of what’s to come and all the Lord will do in my life. i am looking forward to many more amazing years of love, laughter and success. I believe this is possible for all of us. God makes all things work together for our good. I hope you have an amazing Christmas!

With grace, -Josh King.

Meet our guest writer Josh King he is married and his desire is to know the Lord with all his heart. To connect more with him find him on Instagram @honest.humans/ Website: http://www.thehonesthumans.com

14 thoughts on “2 quick Lessons to Take into 2020

  1. Emily B.

    This is beautifully put. I’ve been struggling with forgiveness lately. I don’t want to start a new year with the burden of a grudge on my shoulders. Thank you for sharing!


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