Wrong Turn, Right God

Candid Stories, Prodigal Daughter/Son series

Prodigal: “a person who spends money in a recklessly extravagant way”.

I’ve never had enough money in my eighteen years of life to spend it in a “recklessly extravagant way” but I have done so with my time, which is an even greater gift from God. I wasted time with the wrong people. I wasted time living out of purpose. I wasted time complaining and spent little time expressing gratitude. I wasted time chasing the things of this world rather than Him.

Stepping into Obedience

Prodigal Daughter/Son series

I look at my life as small series of steps. Some steps come with blessings and others with trials, but all together they make up my life journey. Weaved through these series of steps are moments that shift my journey through new territory, forcing me to face inner conflicts and challenging roadblocks. All of my moments of clarity are ushered in by maneuvering through various life transitions and steps. So as I grow in my Christian walk, I appreciate the opportunities of gaining an even closer relationship with God.

10 things single people don’t want to hear from married people


So I was hanging out with my friend “Susie” at my house one night and I got a message from another friend about her husband and wanting babies. The way my friend said it was funny and I was cracking up. Automatically I started telling Susie what my other friend told me and how funny I thought it was. Once I finished telling Susie the story, she didn’t laugh like I expected her too.

In and Out of Season, I am Enough

Prodigal Daughter/Son series

It was something like a fairytale, a girl who knew no other life but captivity was rescued. I had spent many years believing that I was not loved, and not enough. Not enough for my mother to stay out of prison as everytime she got out she went back, I wasn’t enough for my father to stop selling drugs which eventually landed him in prison and I wasn’t enough for some family members who seemed to have an arrow aiming at me as if I was a target.