10 things single people don’t want to hear from married people


So I was hanging out with my friend “Susie” at my house one night and I got a message from another friend about her husband and wanting babies. The way my friend said it was funny and I was cracking up. Automatically I started telling Susie what my other friend told me and how funny I thought it was. Once I finished telling Susie the story, she didn’t laugh like I expected her too.

For the woman who is worried about what others think


Have you ever wanted to start a project, or wear a certain dress, or even go to the beach, but then stopped? Have you ever wanted to share a certain experience, a selfie, or even start a business, but then you stopped? In the past, the reason I didn’t wear that dress, post that picture, or start this blog sooner was because I worried what people would say. One of the things I was worried about was that people will make fun of my sentence structures and I lowkey felt like I would never be good enough on this blogging thing.

Life after COLLEGE: 5 things to remember

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Life after college can be difficult and confusing. Some people get married, some people spend time job searching. and others go straight into a full-time job. Some people even take the time to search for a different passion or take the time to get to know themselves better. I have noticed that there are many different types of people including: single full-time workers, married full-time workers, single job seekers, married job seekers, etc.