Getting married soon: 3 simple things to remember


In honor of today being me and my sweet Nate’s one year anniversary. We thought we would focus on three things that we learned before marriage and was able to try to implement them into our first year of marriage. Within the six months before we were married we did all kinds of things. We planned the wedding, we did marriage counseling, we read a few books about marriage, and listened to many men and women about their marriage experiences.

Singleness is Beautiful

Faith, Relationships

A few months ago I was driving from work and listening to the radio the song “Tell me you love me” by Demi Lovato was playing. I was hyped and enjoying the song and I was like yassss Demi girl sing it. But then the song went to this line where it said “you ain’t nobody till you got somebody.” Instantly I was offended, I was very taken back by the words and slowly I realized that there are so many people out there who are listening to these types of songs. These “types” of songs tell people over and over again that they need to have someone to matter, to feel important, and to feel beautiful or handsome.

Why friendships are important.


When we are born we have our parents, possibly siblings, and they are our brother, or sister, and hopefully our friend. We learn, grow, and change by having parents and siblings. By the time we are in our early teens, we are shaped by the peers around us. We soon realize that even though our parents are great and that our siblings are equally as amazing we still want more, so that’s where friendships outside the family comes in.

10 things i have learned about FRIENSHIPS


Talking to people, and getting to know them is pretty simple for me. What can I say, I am a people person. But for the longest time, I was not good with building friendships. I lost a lot of friendships the first 2-3 years of my college life. One of the main reasons of why I lost those people was because I didn’t know myself. I didn’t know my heart and all the hurt and pain it carried around. By the time the Lord opened my eyes, most of those friendships had fallen apart.